Puukabinetti - master class Finnish craftsmanship

Furniture, cabinets, kitchens and marquetry decorations from design to assembly.

About the company

Puukabinetti is a woodworking company in the city of Jyväskylä in the heart of Finland. Puu means a wood and kabinetti means a cabinet in Finnish language. The company was founded by master cabinet maker Heikki Rahkonen in 2009. Rahkonen has studied woodworking in Finland. He is also an artisan and designer. He had his master degree in company which makes beautiful Art Nouveau and Art Deco furniture designed by famous Finnish architect and designer Eliel Saarinen.

Our products are solid wooden furniture, like dining tables, chairs, TV benches, sofa tables, chest of drawers and beds. We also make kitchens and cabinets mostly out of solid wood. Our speciality is marquetry decorations.

1950's style TV bench made out of solid oak and birch

Contact details

Heikki Rahkonen

Puukabinetti company
CEO Master cabinet maker Mr. Heikki Rahkonen
e-mail: mestari@puukabinetti.fi
Phone: +358503447036
Address: Heinosenmäentie 134
41140 Jyväskylä(Kuikka) Finland

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